Who’s to blame?

“Responsibility: The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.”

On Sunday, March 8, 2015, I received a message over WhatsApp which said:

“You kept quiet in order to receive $10 USD commissions. If you don’t reply, I will report you to the police and charge you with cyber-crime.”

I know; you are shocked. This is exactly how I felt when I read it.

“Responsibility: The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.”
“Responsibility: The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.”

2 months prior to this event, a gentleman found out about me through his cousin on Facebook. He reached out to me because he was interested in DS Domination (DSD), the drop-shipping company which leverages Amazon and eBay, and enables members to make profits. Shortly after signing up with DSD, he violated eBay terms and conditions which resulted in account’s cancellation. I suggested him to contact eBay and work things out in order to re-open his account and continue with drop-shipping. That was the last time that I have heard from him.

In the end, he never contacted eBay; he never cancelled his DSD account, and blames me for monthly membership charges because of the commissions that I receive for being an affiliate.

Jeysen R. Plantin, Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You see, you will often cross people like this on your path. It’s human nature to blame others for their mistakes. I helped him solve the issue, though. We followed the steps on how to cancel the account. In addition, I will share this experience with all the new members who sign up to DSD through me in order to prevent its recurrence.

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It’s called money.

We all have to use it, some don’t have it, others have it in excess, however, very few talks about it; it’s called money.

In 2005, I had to stop medical school because my father couldn’t pay UNIBE for me anymore. Haiti is a very poor Country and there are no institutions offering financial aids, student loans, etc.

In 2006, I continued medical school at INTEC. While studying medicine, I also studied everything I could about “Technical Analysis” on week-ends. My father’s financial limitation had a deep impact on me. I had realized that knowledge is great; however financial knowledge is better. I know atomic masses, physic laws, mathematical formulas, but none of that gave me money in college.

I finally graduated in 2012 as a “Doctor in Medicine” with some Technical Trading knowledge and experience. In 2013, while studying for the USMLE, my father had a stroke due to Diabetes and Hypertension. Thank God, the cognitive functions of his brain were spared, however motor functions have been affected. It’s hard for him to walk, stand, and write. Even though, he worked as a pediatric for more than 35 years in the private sector, he got in the cycle in which most of the world’s population gets into, consuming the income from labor without major financial investments.

It's called money

Since 2005, I knew that in addition to my medical education, I had to build a paralleled income source. In late 2013, while trying to grow $10,000 USD for stock and option trades, I came across the online drop-shipping company called DS Domination. At first I thought that it was something small. However, after opening my DSD account, I got blown away by its magnitude. Well, to make a story short, I have sold and will continue to sell on eBay. Recently, I started the training on how to sell on Amazon. DS Domination will launch Option Domination very soon and I will take part of that as well.

Finally, the irony of life is in my favor. After longs years confronting financial limitations, I have found the opportunity where I can make a fortune if I focus and get to work.

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SELL WITHOUT SHIPPING: Is Monday your best day?

Today is Monday, the best day of the week. I have rest well during the week-end and I am now full of energy to tackle my goals hard.

It's Monday. Don't forget to be awesome.

It’s Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome.

I have made “Bronze PowerSeller” on eBay last month. This is a special category for sale volume and customer service.

My eBay account is now at a selling limit of $70,000.00 USD and / or 520 items per month. If everything goes well, I will receive a limit increase by the end of this month.

I have recently purchased DS Domination Monopoly. This is the online training for selling on Amazon. In the following days, I will start selling on this platform as well. I am really excited about this and you should be as well. I will continue to share on my Facebook Wall my eBay sales, plus I will add my Amazon sales as well. I do this, to be an inspiration for others and to give hope to anyone in need of an income.

Enough said. If you are reading this and you want to find out more, follow the link www.remyresults.com. It will forward you to the introduction page of DS Domination. To register, click on GET STARTED NOW button below the video and fill the registration form.

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