More Summer Days in Denmark and Alarming Denmark Currency

On the News and on Social Media it’s all about the great weather in Denmark. The Summer is still kicking in and Denmark is blessed with nice temperatures reaching 25 degrees C and even 28 degrees C. This is amazing! In addition, fun continues under a blue sky and no clouds in sight.

Summer is the warmest season of the year between June and August in the northern hemisphere according to It is also the period from the middle of May to the middle of August in Great Britain according to We can agree that August is the summer’s last month. Thus, enjoy whatever is left of it.

My personal choices in Denmark for summer fun are:

Scandinavia’s biggest summer land – Djurs Sommerland – Eastjutland

Scandinavia's biggest summer land -Djurs Sommerland - Eastjutland

Family, all ages, speed, thrills and fun.

Faarup Sommerland (Fårup Sommerland)

Faarup SommerlandClose to the beach, in the forest, amusement park.

AquaDome, Lalandia Billund

AquaDome, Lalandia Billund

Of course, my choices are family oriented because I am a father of a 2 years old boy. Look for more interesting places in Denmark by visiting:

Fun is no fun without great music.

Top Tracks in Denmark - Spotify
Thanks to Spotify, I could find the “Top Tracks in Denmark”.

  • Aint Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson
  • Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend
  • Allerede Is by Emil Stabil
  • Shots & Squats by Vigiland, Tham Sway
  • Try Me (Feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma by Jason Derulo, Matoma

Enjoying the last days of Summer while listening to your favorite tracks must be an incredible experience. However, one must also keep an eye on expenses and incomes.

The Denmark currency is losing value comparing to the US dollar.  1 US Dollar equals 6.77 Danish Krone according to (8/18/2015). This means that you need about 7 Danish Krone in order to receive 1 US Dollar. 2015 has been the worst for the Denmark currency in recent years. If this situation continues, the cost of living will increase and the purchasing power of the Denmark population will decrease dramatically. This may lead to devastating effects on housing price and interest rates on loans. Young adults, college and university students should worry about this and better position themselves financially in this new economic context.

Denmark Currency

Screenshot taken on 8/18/2015

Obviously, having an income in US Dollars while living in Denmark makes a huge difference. The best way to achieve this is to look into DS Domination (DSD). This tool allows you to take advantage of the US and Global online market. DSD is the largest arbitrage platform in the world. This opportunity allows people to generate an income in US Dollars, using ONLY a computer with an internet access. All you need to do is to COPY information from one website and PASTE it into another. It is that simple!

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